Our History
It was the mid 60's when Floyd Ferguson pulled together a small group of Georgia Pacific Paper workers to create the credit union you see today. The first safe was nothing more than a shoebox locked in a desk.

Starting with just $50 in combined savings, more workers joined the fledgling credit union. Growth was inevitable. Shortly thereafter, Ferguson was named the first manager and a proper safe was put into use.

Today's Credit Union
Over time, the credit union attained more members, more capital, and started giving out loans for cars and more. Today, our doors are open to quite a few employers and groups, including: Georgia Pacific Employees, City of Newport, Lincoln County School District, Western Cascade, Tough Construction, City of Toledo, Lincoln County Employees, Central Lincoln PUD, Oregon Coast Aquarium, Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments, East County Community Partnership, Yaquina Bay Hotel, and Alan Brown Tire Center. Also eligible are employees of this credit union, persons retired as pensioners or annuitants from the above employment, members of their immediate family or household, organizations of such persons, corporate or other legal entities, as well as employees and elected and appointed officials of Pacific Spruce Federal Credit Union. (Note: Immediate Family or Household Member is defined as spouse, child, sibling, parent, grandparent, or grandchild. This includes stepparents, Stepchildren, stepsibling, and adoptive relationships.)

Our Board of Directors and Employees
As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, our board of directors, as well as our supervisory committee, is made up of unpaid volunteers. That's really what sets us apart from an ordinary bank. In fact, take a look at the names below. You might actually know a few of them from the neighborhood, work or just around town.

Board of Directors
Stu Strom, President
Cris Monroe, Vice President
Gary Hoffman, Secretary
Joe Becker, Board Member
William Ewing, Board Member
Supervisory Committee
Scott Sinsel, Chairman
Cris Monroe, Member
Tina Ewing, Member

Sherri Gilleo, Manager
Amy Groce, Teller