At Your Service
At Pacific Spruce Federal Credit Union, we know good service when we see it. And so do our members. We're constantly striving to deliver the best financial products and services to our members, and it shows. Especially when you consider our top-notch savings programs, Home Banking and more.

Not-For-Profit Means Profit For You
Every penny that comes in to the credit union is put right back into better services, more products, improved rates, and minimized fees. After all, it's your credit union. You shouldn't expect anything less. If you have any questions about our services, be sure to stop by or call. We'll be ready to share our financial expertise when you do.

Savings Programs
Share Accounts (Savings)
Club Accounts
Money Market
Traditional IRA

Lending Programs
Online Same day Payday loans in Toledo
New & Used Auto Loans
Vacation Loans
Personal Loans
Short Term Loans

Are you a member? If not, stop by the branch on A Street today and sign up. If you work for any of the sponsor companies, or if you're a family member of anyone who is eligible for membership, you're all set.